About Beacons Dog Training

 I live in Llangors with my three children and my dogs whom first and foremost are family pets. I love learning all the while about dogs and behaviour and spend all of my free time going to train with some of the best trainers in the UK and abroad and also attending lectures by UK based and overseas visiting lecturers.
I have over thirty years of experience of owning a variety of breeds of dog including the following breeds:
Border Collies
Pembrokeshire Corgis
English Bull Terriers
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Toy Poodles
Standard Poodles
Jack Russell Terriers
English Springer Spaniels
along with many crossbreeds
 14907143_10154339099128141_5345344338127322937_n  36354268_10156149117038141_2971129178461569024_n  Gemma sleeping on Gwennie
 Pip and a foster lamb  Poppy and Gwennie  Gemma in the river
As you can see from these photos our dogs have to get on with children and other animals, they live as part of our family and because of this need to be well behaved!
I have worked as a dog warden and fostered and advised on behaviour for various Bull Terrier charities, I work sheepdogs, have trained in agility and obedience and shown dogs to championship level.
 I hold full liability insurance so that your vet can refer you to me with confidence. I am currently working towards my IMDT membership. I have attended CAP 1 & 2 training with Kay Laurence and clicker gundog training courses run by Helen Phillips. Platform training with Kay Attwood and Scent work training with Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden.
I am bound by the APDT as an Accredited Instructor (Member number 001145) to only train using positive reward based methods but would do this anyway as the method really does work. I also use Clicker training but should anyone feel that this is not a method they are happy with I shall alter the training to suit person by person or dog by dog.
My main aim in life is to try to give people the tools with which not only to train their current dog but also any other dogs they end up owning. These are life skills that you can pass on to your children and I wholly encourage anyone in the household turning up to the classes so that everyone knows how to train the family pet. I aim to offer this in the most affordable way possible.