Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour problems in dogs may need addressing in several ways and may need a combination of training, behaviour modification and drug treatment depending on the problem.

Behaviour consultations are usually in conjunction with a vet and after a full veterinary examination has taken place, however some problems that owners feel are behaviour problems are purely down to bad manners which then presents as bad behaviour.

Behaviour consultations begin with a telephone screen to assess the problem, this is free of charge. Followed by a home visit which would ordinarily take around 2-3 hours. This would be followed by either a behaviour modification program, a training program or drug therapy (which can only be prescribed by a vet) or a combination of all three. Behaviour consultations are quoted for during the telephone screening process although as a general rule I charge £30 per hour with the first consult costing £100. To enable you to get the most from your money I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you will only get out of a behaviour or training session dependant on what time and effort you are willing to put in inbetween. There is no quick fix regardless of what anyone may tell you. I do not hold with Ceasar Milan techniques so please do expect me to use any methods that may shut a dog down.

You can pre purchase a behaviour package as follows:

Initial consult and 3 sessions (the usual length of time to see a change in behaviour) £170 (saving you £20)

Initial consult and 5 sessions (this is usually enough time to see real changes in behaviour) £230 (saving you £20)

Follow up is available by phone and e-mail and is free of charge and extra visits can be arranged on an adhoc basis at £30 per hour if the package you select is not sufficient. Support can be as much or as little as you require.

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