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Reactive Dog Workshops April 19, 2016
Reactive Dog Workshops are being introduced due to the fact we are seeing more and more reactive dogs asking to come to classes. Classes are not the... [MORE]

Clicker Day Workshop April 19, 2016
For those wanting to explore clicker work further, I shall be holding one off workshops to explore the different training situations that Clickers c... [MORE]

Welsh YKC activity weekend August 21, 2015
Welsh YKC activity weekend , YKC have yet to decide if there will be an activity weekend in 2015 after the lack of one in 2014. ... [MORE]

Introducing Rally O December 06, 2014
Introducing Rally O class. Basic obedience is needed £4 / session 4pm Llangors hall ... [MORE]

New Classes November 11, 2014
Registration and information evening starting at 6pm Llangors Hall ... [MORE]

New Equipment October 31, 2010
New equipment is due at the end of October, mainly agility and flexibilty equipment, to get dogs usng their backends when working. This helps me whe... [MORE]