Training Courses

All Dog training courses are run on a minimum attendance level of 4 people with a maximum of 6 per class currently. When you enrol in a class you shall receive a pack detailing the course content and further details of the course.

 We welcome other family members to training class but please limit the number to a maximum of 3 people per dog due to space in the hall, children over the age of 5 are welcome. 

The Foundation Course is accompanied by a training manual and a clicker along with treat recipes and a goodie pack. 
The Foundation course runs for 6 weeks, I use clicker training methods and will assess your dog at the first session for suitability to attend a class.  I don't subscribe to keeping puppies seperate from adult dogs in training classes. Adult dogs teach puppies valuable manners at the right time and also teach puppies how to interact with adult dogs. This is an ideal opportunity for your dogs to learn how to integrate.


FOUNDATION CLASSES: Available for puppies and dogs.  
The Foundation Course is £60 to include course materials for the 6 weeks. 
INTERMEDIATE CLASSES: For dogs that have completed a FOUNDATION CLASS and want to expand on their training to include more distance control.
ADVANCED CLASSES: For those who wish to learn other types of training that have completed an assessment of suitability.
The Intermediate Classes are run on a 6 week basis and cost £50 six weeks, the Advanced Class runs on an adhoc basis and are based on client ability and costs £8.00/session.
If you are interested in a training course please contact me through the contact form or phone/text me on 07833 439446.