Personal Development

I feel that my responsibility to both my clients, their dogs and my own dogs is ongoing and for this reason, on this page you will find all of the personal development that I undertake each year to keep me up to date with new techniques, that enable me to add new and exciting elements to my classes and 1:1 sessions and workshops.


June (2 days) Ken Ramirez Seminars on Pratical Training Applications including Aggression and Training the Trainer

June (3 days) IMDT Behaviour Conference

July (2days) Scentwork foundation course with Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden

September (2 days) Platform Training foundation course with Kay Attwood


June (2 days) Ken Ramirez Seminar on Training applications advances and clicker training

July (1 day) The Science of Scent with Nando Brown

September (2 days) Canine Conceptual training with Kay Attwood



January (1 day) Relabelling Reactivity in Dogs with Kamal Fernandez

February (1 day) Propreception training with Caroline Cowan

June (1 day) APDT training weekend- Search and Rescue



 November (1 day) Your end of the lead with Janet Finley

November (1 day) TTouch with ACE with Janet Finley

December (6 days) Aggression for Professionals with Amber Batson

December (1 day) Working towards a fear free practice with Lynda Ryan


October (2 days) UK Sniffer Dog Bronze Instructor Course


May/June/July (6 days) Advanced Aggression for Professionals with Amber Batson