Puppy Socialisation


Puppy Socialisation is available to pups from 8 weeks up to 16 weeks old. This window is the best time to socialise your pup to get a very balanced and dog friendly companion.

Socialisation takes place in and around your community in a balanced way that will ensure that your dog gets the right experiences at the right age.


The cost of this is per hour and at least 4 guided sessions are advisable at a cost of £15/hour. NOTE: These are completely different to "puppy" classes at the vet, we recommend that you speak to use about appropriate socialisation. 


To book the initial 4 sessions for £60 please e-mail me and I shall send out a registration form on receipt of that you shall be sent a welcome pack detailing how we shall organise these sessions. If you then decide to join in one of our courses this can be booked as an add-on for £50 (a saving of £10)