Microchipping is available for both individual pets and litters.
I am fully trained and insured to Microchip dogs, cats and rabbits. I use Pet Detect Micro, Microchips which are smaller gauge and therefore kinder to young and small animals yet still robust enough for adult dogs. I always welcome the opportunity to chip at the start or end of my classes and offer a £1.00 discount to those that are enrolled on any of my classes.
I can come to your home or you may call here.
Home visits in Brecon area are charged at 25p/mile plus £8.00 for the microchip otherwise the cost is £8.00 if you come to me (locatedin Llangors)
I am often in other areas so please ask as Mileage will not then be charged
For litters prices are £7.00/pup with mileage at 25p/mile
Please contact me for further details.
Prices include registration with petlog.