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  1. Clicker Training is a wonderful tool in dog training. It allows the dog to have a definite reward marker that is both non emotional and also precise. We encourage you to try training with a clicker and we're pretty sure that once you have learned the mechanical skills you will see the benefits in various areas of your training. 

  2. Roll on roll off classes enable your dog to train with a variety of dogs over the course of their 6 weeks, it also enables you to see trainers who are at a different stage of training to yourself, this can help you to understand that in dog training we have to go at each different dogs speed and that there is as much training of the owner as that of the dog. Mechanical skills are not easy for you to apprecaite and pick up until you begin. 

  3. This year I am aiming to do some competing for myself, be it Rally-O, Canix or even some Obedience. I am attending a Behaviour Conference in June and some Wag it Games training to introduce more fun to our classes along with a disc dogs course later in the year. Next year I am hoping to add to my APDT registration with registration from the IMDT, both offer amazing support to their members with ongoing personal development which means I learn more to teach you...

    Due to the law changes, I am also now compelled to check for a Microchip in dogs attending classes, so if you don't have one, let me know and I can pop one in for £6 in Class. 

  4. As some of you may be aware, Trallong have won a bid for funding to renovate the village hall which means it will be out of use for around three months however we will be using either the training paddock at Cwmsefin or the lambing shed there so Training will carry on as usual.

    On another note I have some exciting training courses I'm going on this year, it's always important to keep your own skills up to date so I can instill confidence in the owners and dogs that entrust me with them.

    And finally, I'll soon be introducing my new Pembroke Corgi Boy Archie whom I will be campaigning throughout the latter part of 2011 and into 2012

  5. Well December is fast approaching and the new year will soon be upon us. In anticipation of this there are courses due live on the website within the next few weeks. RallyO training has now commenced on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in Trallong Village Hall.

    On another note, the pups training is coming on & they are showing great interest in sheep as well as obedience.

  6. We are proud to have another trainer joining us in January. Carol is an APDT instructor and has a great interest in Gundogs. She is also someone who I greatly admire as a trainer. Carol is relocating from Hertfordshire and is offering Gundog classes/residential courses from her home in Dorstone along with providing BDT with an instructor for the Hay end of Powys and into Herefordshire.

    On another note, Haf & Pwy (the two collie pups we have kept from our litter) are both coming on nicely with their training and both are showing great interest in sheep.

    BDT will also be hosting Rally O competitions in Brecon in the summer of 2011.

    We have also started stocking harnesses made by Gamedog (my preferred make, tried and tested here) so if you want a harness that fits well, book in for a fitting, prices vary on size from around £11 upto £25.

    I am also stocking Mikki products and Company of Animal Products both of whom I have tested and find to be great value for money. So for training bags, training leads, kongs, etc please contact me.

  7. Well all but two of the pups are now in their new homes. So now I have more time I have finally got around to buying some new equipment.

    I have purchased a flyball box and hurdles to start Flyball classes, these will be commencing at the beginning of November.

    I have also bought some more agility equipment and training equipment.

    The pups we have kept are coming on well and their training is flying along.

    Unfortunately Haf pulled one of her nails out today and poor dab is suffering tonight.

  8. Well the puppies are nearly ready for their homes, they are responding well to the clicker now and showing some interest in the stock. I insured Haf today, something that I recommend people do with their dogs as vets bills can easily mount up to some incredible amount.

    University starts back in a weeks time and I've got my APDT assessment in October. I'm also beginning my Canix training with earnest as this year I would like to qualify for the world championships which are due to be held in the UK for the first time in 2011.

    My bitch that was the mother of the pups is starting her agility training and also going for some fine tuning with her sheep work (with the intention of maybe entering a trial or two)

    Anyway, Happy Training People :)

  9. Well the puppies have started their clicker training, their recall is coming along nicely and I'm hoping to have got them used to a moving surface before they go to their new homes. Three of the puppies are sitting well and tonight we introduced a down.

    They were especially tired over the weekend as the house was full with a party but they all coped admirably & were put to bed when they seemed tired.

    They are turning out to be very intelligent little babies (Just like their mum, LOL)

  10. Hi all, well the pups are now 4 and a half weeks old and up to mischief, I'll upload photo's soon. I have some other ideas for the website & intend to offer printable versions of some old age problems like house training along with some training tips for those of you that can't make it to a trainer.

    On another note we've got YKC coming up for the girls and I've got a championship show with my Pembroke Corgi so I'll let you know how we get on, although Missy is looking her usual skinny self, normally you're trying to get weight OFF a Corgi, not on it, LOL

    Well that's all for now folks and happy training :)

  11. Well, thought it was about time I started a blog to let you all know whats going on at Beacons Dog Training and with the dogs etc!!

    Today I've finally taken the plunge & advertised in a local publication, due out at the beginning of August, I've also been asked to provide dog training tips as well which I'm going to put up here on the site so that those of you not in this area can access them too. They should be helpful if you decide to train your dog at home if for whatever reason you can't access a dog training club.

    On the dog front, we've got puppies!!! They are a week old today and consist of 5 bitches and 1 dog, 5 black & white, 1 blue merle. They are out of our working bitch BT and I'm keeping the blue merle to train as a working dog.