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Well, thought it was about time I started a blog to let you all know whats going on at Beacons Dog Training and with the dogs etc!!

Today I've finally taken the plunge & advertised in a local publication, due out at the beginning of August, I've also been asked to provide dog training tips as well which I'm going to put up here on the site so that those of you not in this area can access them too. They should be helpful if you decide to train your dog at home if for whatever reason you can't access a dog training club.

On the dog front, we've got puppies!!! They are a week old today and consist of 5 bitches and 1 dog, 5 black & white, 1 blue merle. They are out of our working bitch BT and I'm keeping the blue merle to train as a working dog.

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  1. Alison Williams

    Well done Tracie - your first blog, keep going.

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