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» Listings for October 2010

  1. We are proud to have another trainer joining us in January. Carol is an APDT instructor and has a great interest in Gundogs. She is also someone who I greatly admire as a trainer. Carol is relocating from Hertfordshire and is offering Gundog classes/residential courses from her home in Dorstone along with providing BDT with an instructor for the Hay end of Powys and into Herefordshire.

    On another note, Haf & Pwy (the two collie pups we have kept from our litter) are both coming on nicely with their training and both are showing great interest in sheep.

    BDT will also be hosting Rally O competitions in Brecon in the summer of 2011.

    We have also started stocking harnesses made by Gamedog (my preferred make, tried and tested here) so if you want a harness that fits well, book in for a fitting, prices vary on size from around £11 upto £25.

    I am also stocking Mikki products and Company of Animal Products both of whom I have tested and find to be great value for money. So for training bags, training leads, kongs, etc please contact me.

  2. Well all but two of the pups are now in their new homes. So now I have more time I have finally got around to buying some new equipment.

    I have purchased a flyball box and hurdles to start Flyball classes, these will be commencing at the beginning of November.

    I have also bought some more agility equipment and training equipment.

    The pups we have kept are coming on well and their training is flying along.

    Unfortunately Haf pulled one of her nails out today and poor dab is suffering tonight.